• Sponsored four health fairs, one at the Broadway Market, City Court Building and the two at TOPS Market on Jefferson Avenue, that provided health screening and consumer information. At the Broadway Market, participants completing a “Wellness Passport,” participants received $10.00 gift card.
  • Screened over 40 members living within Task Force neighborhoods for blood pressure, asthma, glucose and cholesterol.
  • Supported 50 health fairs in target neighborhoods with consumer information from member organizations.
  • Participated in over 30 City of Buffalo Clean Sweeps, door-to-door initiatives that distributes health and education literature to over 1000 households.
  • Collaborated with numerous local health and education organizations on projects that target underserved communities. 
  • Invited speakers to monthly meetings, to discuss concerns confronting residents in the NEWS service area including: Buffalo Prenatal-Perinatal Network, Assembly member Peoples-Stokes, NYS Mentoring Program, Univera Health, P2 Collaborative, Lead Prevention, Buffalo Board of Education, Millennium Care Collaboration, Century Wellness, City of Buffalo Citizens Services, Hispanic Heritage Collaboration;
  • Addressed issues facing our communities through regularly scheduled meetings of the Health and Education committees. 
  • Shared information with task force members about upcoming events and items of interest from member organizations.
  • Updated the task force’s website,