Meetings & Activities

The Near East and West Side Task Force (NEWS TF) meets the second Tuesday of each month, from 8:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. For additional information and meeting location please call (716) 859-8045.

NEWS TF, through its diverse makeup, broadly represents the minority communities on the east and west sides of Buffalo. By partnering with community agencies, the task force is focusing on short and long term goals derived from a logic model process, to understand the needs in each community that it serves. 

African American woman reading with childEducation Committee 

The Education Committee is working with the Buffalo Public Schools to increase high school graduation rates and student attendance within the target area determined by the NEWS TF.  

The committee also performs outreach to the community, meets with community members and presents reports, including high school drop-out rates, to the Board of Education administration.

The Education Committee is working to achieve an 85% graduation rate in seven to 10 years. The committee will continue to work with community representatives to plan initiatives to effect this change.

Health Committee 

The Health Committee worked with two community groups FLARE (Fillmore Leroy Area Residents, Inc.) on the east side and The Belle Center on the west side of Buffalo to meet the goals of a Promise Neighborhood. The goal of the Promise Neighborhood was to train over 100 neighbors in 2011-2012 and encourage those neighbors to participate in citywide quarterly in-service trainings. This allows community members to assist in promoting health and engaging the neighborhood to be healthier and committed to prevention and wellness.

Within the next seven to 10 years, the Health Committee will work to increase access to health care at the appropriate level of care, increase reimbursement for evidence-based prevention/wellness programs, decrease disparities in healthcare delivery, and decrease the risk factors resulting from health disparities.